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Build strong communities through technology education.
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Digital life skills are essential to success in the modern world.

Digital Bridges Pittsburgh builds vibrant communities by giving residents digital life skills and encouraging balance and connection between the digital and physical world. We provide programs on digital technology use and safety, digital citizenship skills, and digital life skills. Our goal is to bridge economic gaps by providing practical opportunities for growth and learning to everyone.

3 Important Keys

We believe that there are three important keys to building communities via technology:

Connect people to technology by showing them ways to obtain or access technology and teaching them how to safely use it. Our IT-based curriculum lays the foundation for success.

Teach people how to navigate the digital world in terms of accomplishing their goals, identifying resources that meet their needs, creating and managing their online presence, and digital communication and conflict resolution skills.

Guide people to pathways to success. Success can only be defined by the individual. Our mentorship program matches mentees with an aptitude and interest in digital technology with a similarly minded professional who will help them identify their needs, set goals, and establish accountability milestones to obtain them.

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