Our Goal: Help those who benefit most.

Youth and Young Adults


Those most underserved are always most at risk in terms of digital readiness: 200,000 Pittsburgh Youth are considered low income.

Young people are growing up with more technology in their lives, and at younger ages, than ever before. Increasing development of technology also means new, often unexplored career paths.

Very few of our youth receive training on important topics like:

  • Common technology terms and symbols
  • How to protect your identity online
  • Cyberbullying prevention, social media psychology and safety
  • How to find resources online
  • Creating your online persona or "brand"
  • Finding education and career resources online

Our youth and young adult programs focus on teaching safe and effective use of technology, exploration of STEM Careers, and working on each youth's individual Passion Project.


Underserved Communities, Low Income and Displaced Workers


According to a Pew Research report, the people most at risk of having a lack of access or understanding of technology are often based on the following factors:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Race
  • Age
  • Community Type
  • Disability and Language Preference


The advancement of technology has the power to either further socioeconomic gaps, or to heal them. We believe that technology and media literacy has the potential to reduce poverty, create equity, and level the educational playing field. By providing access to and understanding of technology we can help individuals and communities:

  • Identify and access resources to meet basic needs
  • Create educational equity and opportunity
  • Identify transition opportunities for adolescents and young adults
  • Help displaced or low-income workers find new opportunities
  • Foster positive community interactions 


Re-entry: Returning Citizens


Isolated from the fast pace of technological advancement, former offenders must be caught up in order to successfully reintegrate into society. Skills such as coding and small business are some of the best employment options available for former offenders. 

By providing digital life skills and technology training we can help them to be successful and mitigate their challenges. Concerns include: 

  • Difficulty relating to people who don’t understand their experience.
  • Difficulty joining or creating a community.
  • Difficulty providing basic necessities for themselves.
  • Difficulty preparing to enter the workforce.
  • Difficulty returning to a job.
  • Difficulty adjusting to a new pace of life.
  • Difficulty with structure.




Digital Bridge FoundationsThe Multiplier Effect: We help businesses and community groups in three ways:

  1. By educating their customers about online safety through workshops or custom online content.
  2. By training their staff about safe and ethical technology use.
  3. By helping to formulate technology savvy strategies for organizational growth, data use, marketing, and security.

We provide training and certification programs to ensure you do right by your employees, customers, and the health of your business. Helping businesses and organizations grow and THRIVE multiplies the effect we have on the community!

Daily Users


Technology training of all ages and ability levels.
Technology training of all ages and ability levels.

Workshops Transform Users into Digitally Savvy Surfers

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are a part of daily life for many of us. Social media isn't just common, its almost expected in modern life. But how many of us REALLY know how these devices work? Our lives, our personal information is out there, but few of us are trained in the technology that plays such a heavy role in our lives.



Think of it like driving a car.  Every time you get in a car, or on a bus, or any other form of transportation, you put yourself at risk. But to drive, you have to obtain a license. You have to know about the machine, the technology, you will be using. You learn the rules of the road and are prepared for what to do in case of emergency.

Digital Bridges workshops give you a foundation of knowledge to navigate the information superhighway with ease.

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