Every dollar donated helps learners gain the digital skills they need to be active, safe, digital users.

How your donation helps

Provide critical skills for a digital world

Digital Life Skills

The digital world offers endless resources that can help you change your life. From meeting basic needs like finding housing or healthcare to finding a job, getting an education or learning a can do or be anything online. We show people how to maximize the resources available to them online to create a better life.

Technology Fundamentals

The key to being safe online is knowing how the technology works. We provide users with the knowledge they need to be fluent and safe online. Being responsible online starts with have a solid foundation in basic IT security. Everyone should know how to secure their devices and identity online, we show you how.

Communication Strategies

Going beyond cyberbullying prevention, our online communications strategy programs teach users how to maintain their personal and professional profiles, how to differentiate between them, and how to connect and engage online in a safe, professional manner. We teach users how to use digital communications to their benefit.

Your donation supports Digital Bridges work, providing education and mentoring on digital readiness.

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