Training & Mentorship Programs

Each of our programs helps close the digital divide by teaching essential skills on how to use technology safely and access the multitude of resources available with a simple internet connection and access to technology.

We believe technology can be a great equalizer when we provide everyone with access to technology and the fundamental skills to be competent in a digital world.

From beginners to seasoned professionals, many of us don’t fully understand the technology we use every day. By teaching users about how technology works, how to take active safety measures, and how to find resources for work and play, we enable learning and mastery of the technology in our lives.

Youth STEM Mentorship

Digitally Informed Mentorship for Young Adultss
Digital Skill Builders

ReEntry Mentorship Program

ReEntry Support and Digital Literacy
Digital Communication Skills Are Essential

Vocational Training & Workforce Preparedness

Digital Literacy and Small Business
Digital Bridge Foundations

Workshops and Catalyst Services

Supercharge your digital savvy.
Customer Technology Education